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Don't Underestimate the Tactile Stair Nosing.

Stairs are inherently dangerous. When walking on stairs, many people may lose their balance and fall, then get hurt or even die. According to statistics, tripping, falling, and slipping cause thousands of injuries at home and in the workplace every year, accounting for more than half of all reported public injuries.

To reduce the risk of slipping and falling on stairs, a rough surface should be used on the whole step or at least on the leading edge. Proper selection of tactile stair nosing products can significantly improve safety. Our company has many sizes and materials to choose from, such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, carborundum, fiberglass, and rubber. Our tactile stair nosing can effectively protect the steps made of laminated board, wood, ceramic tile, and stone.

Tactile stair nosing is section steel with anti-skid PVC insert or tread pattern, which provides higher safety and suits stairs with a smooth surface and stainless steel stairs. It has excellent resistance to chemical and atmospheric substances so it is especially recommended for hospitals, swimming pools, and general outdoor steps.

Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can produce aluminum alloy tactile stair nosing, carborundum tactile stair nosing, step tactile stair nosing, and corner-wrapped tactile stair nosing. They are mainly used on stairs to protect the surface of the stairs from damage and prevent people from slipping. If you are interested in our products, please consult us for more information.

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