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Braille Sign: A Good Helper for the Blind

Braille sign is a special sign specially designed to provide convenience for blind people in daily life and participating in social activities. Blind people can judge the direction of walking and distinguish things by touching, which is a manifestation of social respect, care and help for the blind group.

As an ordinary person, in an unfamiliar environment, it is easy to find the destination according to the guidance of the sign. There is very little "inconvenience" for the lack of braille signs. However, for the blind group, it is difficult to do anything. Therefore, the planning and design of an excellent signage system must take into account the feelings of "special audiences" including the blind.

1. The convenience brought by braille signs to the blind

Build barrier-free facilities in public places to ensure the safety and convenience of social members such as the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women, and children. This fully reflects the country's understanding, respect, care and assistance to vulnerable groups. It is conducive to advocating the fashion of helping the disabled and building a harmonious society.

2. The importance of braille logo design

The importance of Braille logo design is not for the number of people, but the humanized design of these logo systems has a good exposition on the power of people. It also gives warmth and care to the "vulnerable groups". Seeing this kind of humanized logo design in some enterprises or public places can better reflect the corporate culture and social responsibility. At present, Braille system in the design of guide signs, the main way to solve the problem of visual information acquisition is the use of blind people; the international Braille is composed of 6 raised dots as the basic structure. It is a text symbol for the blind to read and write.

Braille signs should be set on routes suitable for blind people to walk. Blind people's action paths are different from ordinary roads in many scenarios. Relatively speaking, the scope involved will be smaller, so the more Braille signs, the better, and the It is not that the less the better, this needs to be reasonable and appropriate, and it is important to use it where it is needed.

Braille signs should reflect the characteristics of the scene. This is actually very difficult, because the process of interaction between blind people and braille signs is usually done by touching, not through visual perception. It is manifested that both parties A and B need to explore the elements together, because the color elements are definitely not used, so the elements can only be excavated from other angles.

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