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Types of Tactile Paving and Installation Requirements

Ⅰ. There are about two types of tactile paving:

1. Straight protrusions

Used to pave straight roads, the straight protrusions point to the tactile paving direction, that is, walk along the straight protrusions when walking. Each one is 5mm above the ground, and the width should be 0.3-0.6m. It can make the blind stick and the sole of the foot feel, and it is convenient to guide the visually disabled to walk straight forward safely.

2. Dotted protrusions

Used to pave corners. It is in the shape of dots, each dot is 5mm above the ground, and the width should be 0.3-0.6m. It can make the blind stick and the soles of the feet feel, and inform the visually disabled that the space environment of the route ahead will change.

Tactile paving is classified by material:

(1) Stainless steel;

(2) Brass;

(3) Polyurethane material.

Ⅱ. Design requirements for tactile paving

Roads, squares, pedestrian streets, commercial streets, bridges, tunnels, three-dimensional intersections and pedestrian underpasses in central urban areas should be paved with tactile pavement; pedestrian bridges, pedestrian underpasses, crosswalks and major bus stations should be paved with tactile prompt.

1. The location and direction of the tactile paving shall be convenient for the visually disabled to walk safely and reach the location of barrier-free facilities smoothly.

2. The tactile paving shall be continuous, and obstacles such as trees, telephone poles, cables, tree holes, manhole covers shall be avoided. Other facilities shall not occupy the tactile paving.

3. Traveling tactile paving can be set at a distance of 250-600mm from the tree hole on the inner side of the sidewalk; if there is no tree hole on the road, the distance from the standing edge stone should not be less than 500mm.

4. The tactile paving should have a reminder at the turning point, and its length should be greater than the width of the straight road.

5. The bus stop along the sidewalk and the dividing belt should be equipped with prompt tactile pavement, the width should be 300-600mm, and the distance from the curb stone should be 250-500mm.

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