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Characteristics of Floor Studs

The blind road is a special road facility that helps blind people walk. Generally, the blind road is paved by two kinds of bricks, one is bar-type guiding brick, which can guide the blind people to move forward safely, called the moving blind road; the other is the prompting brick with a dot, which indicates the blind that there are obstacles in front of, so it's time to turn around. It is called promoting blind road.

The blind road is usually installed on the pavement or public space and forms a special pavement. It is achieved by using the feet sense function of the blind and the helping sense principle of blind road. Visually impaired people need highly visible guiding tags to find their way. So we provide visual and tactile contrast markings and acoustic guidance systems for indoor and outdoor environments. Our product line is developed in cooperation with leading experts in this industry and provides various materials to adapt to different floor surfaces and environments.

The guidance system of tactile floor studs is made of stainless steel TPU and stainless steel milling 316. Milling is used to create a stainless steel line for the tactile paving guidance. The elements are installed with a specific distance to guide the vision.

Product Features of Tactile Floor Studs:
1. It can be all-day used and have strong wear resistance, good weather resistance and durability.
2. It has good elasticity, compression resistance and impact resistance.
3. It is antioxidative,resistant to rust and anti-skid.
4. It has a strong guiding property.
5. It is easy to lay out and install.

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