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Processing Technology for Retractable Bollards

The retractable bollards is a lifting device for the operation platform of a track working vehicle. It ensures that the operation platform installed on top smoothly rises to a certain height to achieve high-altitude operation. Therefore, the stability of the retractable bollards and the precision of the coordination on all sides will directly affect the safety performance of the workbench, thereby affecting the overall performance of the machine. The accuracy guarantee method and low processing cost of the retractable bollards will undoubtedly bring better economic benefits to the enterprise.

Structure of the retractable bollards

The outer column of the retractable bollards is composed of the main frame of the column and the connected plate. The middle column is composed of the second main frame of the column and the connected plate. The inner column is composed of the third main frame of the column and the connected plate. The top connected plate is connected to the inner column through friction blocks. The top lifting cylinder is installed in the middle, driving the top connected plate to rise.

Process of the retractable bollards

  • The main frame of the column is a welded part. Before machining, it needs to undergo annealing treatment to eliminate stress. In the machining process, attention should be paid to the clamping position and clamping force. The back of the machining surface should be filled to prevent deformation of the parts. After rough machining, loosen the clamping fixture and release the machining stress. If the length of the main frame of the column exceeds 2000mm, in order to ensure smooth sliding of the friction block, the sliding area needs to be machined in one go and cannot be interrupted.

  • The processing of the main frame of the column must ensure the size and symmetry of the open and closed notches, as well as the flatness requirements and verticality requirements with the ground.

  • The connection holes between the main frame of the column and the connecting plate must be positioned and punched to ensure the dimensional errors of the column's open and closed notches and the alignment of the diagonal lines. The upper and lower surfaces of the two main frames of the column should be level.

  • The connection holes of the wear plate are processed using drilling molds to ensure accurate positioning of each hole.

  • In order to ensure that the dimensional clearances between various parts are uniform after assembly and that the slider can evenly contact the machining surface, the wear plates on each column must be selected and matched. The thickness difference of the wear plates on the same plane should not exceed 0.05mm.

  • The processing methods for the three types of connecting plates are the same, but the dimensions are different.

  • The processing position of the general holes is ensured by drawing lines and drilling molds.

As a simple lifting device for the operation platform, the structure of the retractable bollards requires ensuring the smooth lifting of the work platform without any stagnation. During processing, it is essential to meet the sliding requirements of the friction surface and the installation gap requirements. This article provides a reference solution for ensuring the manufacturing quality of the retractable bollards through summarizing practical production experience, focusing on the form and position tolerance of the column frame, the installation gap between the machining surface and the slider.

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