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Advantages of Brass Tactile Indicator

1. Strong resistance to tension. Not loose, not falling off, long service life.

2. Anti-skid design. Reduce the potential safety hazards caused by blind slip.

3. Convenient construction. Use small expansion anchor bolt to fix the internal teeth.

4. There is no Tactile Indicator nail. There is no abrupt point.

5. Environmental protection and durability. There is no need to inject epoxy resin.

6. Easy to pack and transport.

7. Anti-theft function. Selection of anti-theft flat head screw can prevent Brass Tactile Indicators from being stolen.

Brass Tactile Indicator should be set up in the following areas:

1. The sidewalks of main roads, secondary roads, commercial streets and pedestrian streets in urban areas, as well as the sidewalks around large public buildings;

2. city squares, bridges, tunnels and crossover walkways;

3. Pedestrian access to government office buildings and large public buildings;

4. the entrance area of urban public green space;

5. pedestrian bridge, the entrance of the pedestrian subway, and the barrier free facilities in the urban public green space should be set up aBrass Tactile Indicator.

6. the building entrance, service desk, stairs, barrier free elevators, barrier free toilets or barrier free toilets, bus stops, railway passenger stations, railway stations and other platforms should be provided with a Tactile Indicator.

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