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Effective Control of Vehicles and Pedestrians Requires Automatic Rising Bollards

In different outdoor public places, if you want to effectively manage vehicles and pedestrians, you need automatic rising bollards. Let's take a look at several scenarios that require automatic rising bollards.

1. Automatic rising bollards for pedestrian street

Install automatic rising bollards at the intersection of the pedestrian street. The automatic rising bollards are usually raised to restrict the entry and exit of vehicles. In case of emergency or special circumstances (such as fire, first aid, leader inspections), the automatic rising bollards can be quickly lowered to allow vehicles to pass.

2. Automatic rising bollards for road isolation belt

In the non-fully enclosed road isolation zone, automatic rising bollards can be used to prevent vehicles from turning left or turning around. In case of special circumstances such as road construction and road blockage, automatic rising bollards can be lowered to divert vehicles.

3. Automatic rising bollards for multi-purpose plaza

During the day, the automatic rising bollards are raised, and vehicles are prohibited from entering the plaza. At night, the plaza is used as a temporary parking lot. When the automatic rising bollards are lowered, vehicles can enter and park.

4. Automatic rising bollards for open park

Automatic rising bollards are installed at intersections of open parks. The automatic rising bollards are usually raised to prevent vehicles from passing, and visitors can pass freely. In case of special circumstances, lower the automatic rising bollards to facilitate the passage of vehicles.

5. Automatic rising bollards for expressway

The road needs to be closed urgently. Use automatic rising bollards, which are convenient and quick, and can solve the pressure of insufficient police force.

Nowadays, different types of isolation pillars and barriers for pedestrians and vehicles are installed everywhere on the street. These isolation columns are either fixed or fully automatic. Although it may seem like a simple thing, these products effectively manage traffic and pedestrians. Whether in the pedestrian street, business district, or factory area, you can see that the automatic rising bollards controlled by the card reader, remote control, etc. manage each channel, and authorized vehicles enter and exit in an orderly manner. There is no need for security guards or traffic police to command, which greatly saves manpower costs. It also effectively achieves the "separation of people and vehicles" and plays a role in traffic management.

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