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Automatic Rising Bollard: A Powerful "Hand" for Urban Security Management

Due to the increasing demand for the security of pedestrian areas, automatic rising bollards have become a popular solution in recent years. Especially in the United States and Europe, you can see simple and beautiful automatic bollards everywhere you go on the streets, providing different functions for urban security passages.

Conceptual Design and Development of Automatic Bollards

The formation of rising bollards originated from a cannon captured by a British man during the Napoleonic Wars. After these cannons were banned by the British government, local authorities were able to transform them into street decorations. They buried the cannon barrels in the ground and placed the shell on top of the barrels. The artistic design of this product led to the development of rising bollards.

With the development of society, the technological content of automatic bollards continues to increase, and the collision resistance level is getting higher. Its application further expands and extends, from controlling prison security by the judicial department, to linking with parking facilities, to urban traffic management, government, military, airport stations, banks, schools, and other sensitive areas. Rising bollards have gradually evolved from simple functional use to safety products suitable for various fields in society, especially related to urban passages and surrounding management closely associated with people's lives. Even in first-tier cities in China, there is still a big gap in terms of urban passages and perimeter management compared to developed countries. From the perspective of people-oriented, safety, and convenience, there are still many areas that need improvement, and these improvements do not necessarily require high costs.

Easy Operation of Automatic Bollards

Because electric driveway bollards can be operated remotely and have emergency control buttons, the operation is very simple. Combined with very sophisticated technology and high-quality after-sales service, more and more customers are turning to electric rising bollards. It inherits the functions of obstacle and ordinary traffic cones flow management, and also uses vehicle blockers. For this purpose, electric rising bollards are made of different wall thicknesses, such as 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm to 10mm, and the functions of electric rising bollards are different, suitable for different places. In occasions where they are not used for a long time, lifting should be ensured. Several times a day, oil can be injected into the rising bollards through oil injectors, which plays the role of lubricant and extends the service life of the rising bollards.

Automatic Bollards for High-Security Vehicles Entering and Exiting Places

All automatic bollards can have architectural and landscaping effects, only differing in style, shape, and materials. When it comes to security applications, different bollards are used to stop different objects. In addition to replacing traditional gate equipment, it can also improve the security of the site, enhance the overall grade and image, and the underground design will not damage the overall style of the complex. It is suitable for a wide range of places to prevent vehicles from maliciously crossing, ensuring the safety and normal order of intersections. The main approach of the rising bollard system using imported equipment: the small hydraulic motor is installed in the pre-embedded box of the column, and the ground controller only needs to be connected by wires. There is no distance requirement between the controllers, and each rising bollard works separately or can be combined for synchronous rising and falling, with a relatively fast rising and falling speed. The system has a simple and clear structure, and the project construction and maintenance are simple.

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