Requirements for Installation of Anti Slip Stair Nosing

Ⅰ. Two situations where stair steps require anti-slip stair nosing

1. Cement mortar stair step

In some projects, a rebar is embedded in the corner of the cement mortar step as an anti-skid measure. However, after long-term use, this method will lose the anti-skid function due to the flattened ribs of the rebar.

2. Polished marble or granite step

This kind of stepping application is more common, but the stepboard of some projects does not take any anti-skid measures, or only two grooves are cut on the stepboard, but the metal step nosing is not embedded, which can not play the anti-slip effect.

2. Types of anti-slip stair nosing

One is I type (without corners), the other is L type (with corners), both of which are fixed with screws. The installation position is generally one side directly against the step edge, and the width of the anti-skid strip is 4-6 It varies from centimeters. The third type is non-slip molding, which requires two slits of about 2mm and then directly embedded in it.

3. Precautions for installation of anti-slip stair nosing

1. Strictly calculate the size, and then cut the material. When cutting, the incision and the line must be 90 degrees, especially the product that is installed with the matching corner, so as to avoid the lack of tight overlap with the corner and affect the appearance.

2. Or punch a hole in the aluminum alloy base, fix the anti-slip stair nosing on the stairs with screws, and finally insert a rubber strip on the surface. For example, with special corner metal buckles to fix the two ends of the corner, it can prevent the anti-slip stair nosing from shrinking and falling off at the front edge of the stairs, and also achieve a high-level and beautiful effect.

3. For the contact gap between the product installed with cement slurry and the main material, the cement slurry must be filled to ensure that the product does not become loose after long-term use and treading.

4. According to different materials, the method of anti-slip stair nosing on the front edge of the stairs is different. If it is marble, ceramic tiles, etc., it is recommended to use all-purpose glue to fix it. For other materials, it is recommended to use self-tapping screws and expansion pipes to fix, so as not to affect the installation of anti-skid strip and beautiful.