Precautions of Purchasing Tactile Paving Online

The tactile paving adopts a unique process formula. The product replaces blind track materials such as stone, cement, metal, and plastic in terms of appearance and practicality. Its color is pure, eye-catching, and beautiful. It has the characteristics of high wear resistance, low-temperature resistance, impact resistance and long service life.

Now online shopping is popular. You can buy what you want without leaving home. However, while online shopping is convenient, the quality problems of various uneven products have also been exposed. In order to find good tactile paving online more simply and quickly, we will share some tips that we need to pay attention to when shopping for tactile paving online.

(1) You can buy a few pieces before ordering tactile paving online, and let the factory send a few samples first to see whether the color and quality are good.

(2) Transport and construction losses should be considered. When ordering tactile paving, the quantity shall be 6% - 8% more than the actual quantity to avoid color differences caused by later replenishment.

(3) The tactile paving is made of ceramic, which is a kind of ceramic tile, and the ceramic tile will also be damaged in transportation. However, the tactile paving is transported in a carton (wooden support), and the damage caused in transportation shall be minimized as far as possible. There is no guarantee that the ceramic tiles will not be damaged during transportation, but we can guarantee that if there is any damage, the manufacturer will send the new ceramic tiles free of charge, which will not cause any loss to customers.

(4) Do not buy tactile paving that need to be processed and cut again, which is troublesome and easy to cause errors.

(5) For online shopping of tactile paving, the receiving vehicles shall be arranged in advance. The tactile paving is large and heavy and difficult to move.

These are the points to pay attention to when shopping tactile paving online. The tactile paving is classified into: glazed tile series, split brick series, cultural stone series, glazed brick series, full body brick series, blind path brick series, etc. Specifications generally include 300 * 300 * 20, 300 * 300 * 25, 300 * 300 * 30, 250 * 250 * 25, 250 * 250 * 30, 200 * 200 * 20, 200 * 200 * 25 and other specifications. You can choose the right products according to your own needs!