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Which Tactile Floor Indicators Are Truly Slip-Resistant?

Stainless steel is a compliant material for constructing tactile paving, and currently, stainless steel tactile paving products are widely used in major cities. Stainless steel tactile floor indicators are classified into three types based on surface treatment: pineapple pattern, straight pattern, and smooth surface, each corresponding to different application scenarios.

The smooth surface tactile floor indicator itself does not have an anti-slip effect and is typically used on rough surfaces such as asphalt, cement, and permeable bricks. Due to the rough surface, it has a large frictional force and offers good anti-slip properties. Therefore, the requirement for anti-slip of the tactile floor indicator is not that high. However, for surfaces such as marble, granite, tiles, and wooden floors, tactile floor indicators with anti-slip properties, such as pineapple and straight patterns, are generally selected.

As stainless steel tactile paving becomes more popular nationally, there has been a recent introduction of punched pineapple patterntactile floor indicators which imitates the milled type. Although they are all pineapple pattern tactile floor indicators, there are significant differences between them. Today, we will explain the three different processes of the pineapple pattern tactile floor indicator.

Milling process tactile floor indicator

This kind of cross-embossed texture is milled by a special device, and the protruding part is conical, the pattern is clear, and the hand-feel is strong. It has good anti-slip properties and high cost-performance. 80% of customers choose this product.

Tactile floor indicator stamped from a relatively thin plate

Although it also has a pineapple pattern surface, the surface stamped in a single process is only a curved shape, with less frictional force on blind people's feet, and less resistance to shoe soles, making it easier to slip, especially in wet weather conditions when the tactile paving surface is moist. The price is slightly cheaper, but there are certain safety hazards, and very few customers choose it.

Solid steel plate engraved tactile floor indicator

In addition to an anti-slip pineapple pattern surface, the solid tactile floor indicator also has a strong bearing capacity, but the cost is high. Therefore, it is generally exported to foreign or domestic extra-large projects.

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