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Blind Floor Tiles Are the Product of the Times and the Symbol of People's Civilization and Progress

1. Specifications of blind floor tiles

Blind floor tiles can be prefabricated into various specifications and colors as required, inlaid with various patterns, and assembled into different patterns, which are more beautiful than the cement surface. blind floor tiles can also reduce the dazzling phenomenon caused by the reflection of the ground, reduce the reflection of ground radiation, and reduce the transmission of heat on the ground layer. The laying of lawn bricks is conducive to the growth of flowers and trees: lawn bricks have good water permeability and air permeability, which is conducive to the infiltration of rainwater, and promotes the growth and development of trees, flowers, lawn roots and leaf, flower and fruit stems, and will not affect growth due to stuffy roots. For products of similar quality, after consumers have experienced many times of consumption, their experience has increased, and their attention to the differentiation of tactile floor tiles products has gradually increased. Consumers no longer simply consider the brand, but begin to pursue performance values that go beyond brand functions.

2. blind floor tiles are a product of the times and a symbol of people's civilization and progress

The appearance of blind floor tiles is a revolution in the history of human greening, and its appearance shows that science and technology are constantly improving. Tactile floor tiles can break old ideas, prevent the decline of ecological quality and the deterioration of the environment, and enable people to have a beautiful living space. Lawn bricks are a new generation and renewal product of the lawn industry, a new type of lawn that is conducive to protecting the ecology, and is people-oriented. It can obtain the excellent function of parking on the lawn, which is closely related to almost everyone's life.

The tactile floor tile improves the fineness of the cement, the setting time of the cement product will be greatly shortened, and its strength will basically not change. If the fineness of cement continues to increase, the setting time will continue to be shortened, and the strength of each age will be greatly improved. During transportation and storage, cement products should not be wet or mixed with debris. At the same time, cement products of different varieties and strength grades should be placed separately or marked during storage and transportation to prevent mixing.

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