Tactile Paving: Passing Warmth and Walking with Love

When you walk on the pedestrian street with your eyes closed, you will find that the whole world seems extremely unsafe. All kinds of sounds surround you clearly, and you are also surrounded by unknown anxiety, but this is the daily life of millions of people. As a disadvantaged group, blind friends cannot see anything, but they can feel love. Every healthy person has an obligation to take care of the blind sidewalk, and we should enable them to feel warm with love.

Blind sidewalks usually consist of two kinds of bricks: one is a strip guide brick to guide the blind to go ahead; the other is a dot prompt brick to remind the blind that there is an obstacle in front of them or it is time to turn. The tactile paving has various properties such as water permeability, water retention, non-slip, abrasion resistance, sound absorption, noise reduction, compression resistance and flexural resistance. Besides, it also has the following characteristics:

1. Water permeability of tactile paving

Tactile paving can seep water of 60Kg per minute, which is more than three times that of ordinary permeable roads. The excellent water permeability of the tactile paving can effectively eliminate the stagnant water on the road and provide convenient traffic conditions for the blind.

2. The anti-slip property of the tactile paving

The non-slip value of the tactile paving is 80BPN. The brick surface is rough and it has good slip resistance, wear resistance, water permeability and high friction coefficient to prevent water, frost or ice on the road surface, and prevent blind people from slipping or falling because of slippery or icy roads. The high wear resistance also increases the service life of the sidewalk with tactile pavings and reduces the maintenance cost of municipal construction.

3. Compressive strength of tactile paving

Blind sidewalk water permeable bricks are made by melting the physical components between the particles and then cooling. The compressive strength can reach 47Mpa and the flexural strength is 8.8Mpa. It is not easy to break, avoiding the inconvenience caused by the damage and fracture of ordinary tactile paving. It can create convenient travel conditions for the blind.

As a member of the city, blind people should enjoy the right to travel freely. We should avoid a series of problems such as damage to the tactile paving, and effectively protect the safety of the blind. It is also necessary to strengthen the construction of blind sidewalk, do a good job in the later management and maintenance work, and make the blind sidewalks in humanized cities into warm and beautiful scenery.