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Fully Automatic Rising Bollards in the Park Ensure Smooth Traffic

With the improvement of modern living standards in the 21st century, tourism has become a way for people to relax. When the holidays come, all parks can get very crowded, both with people and cars. As a result, the relationship between population and transportation, population and facilities will become tense, and the management of the park will become more difficult. To prevent accidents, many parks have adopted fully automatic rising bollards to maintain park safety. The features of fully automatic rising bollard products are as follows.

1. The automatic rising bollard is fast and quiet

The park automatic rising bollard is 3 seconds faster than the pneumatic lifting column of the same specification, which is very precious. Because it uses a gas-driven module, it moves quickly.

2. Intelligent control of automatic rising bollard

The control module adopts an intelligent logic controller, which can coordinate a variety of different functional modes to meet the different functional requirements of different users. In addition, it is worth mentioning that its exercise schedule is designed with an adjustable countdown. Users can freely control the lifting height of the column head, effectively saving energy consumption.

3. The structure of automatic rising bollard is different

Its core pneumatic module and mechanical power mechanism are designed as a whole, and the automatic rising bollard can effectively transfer chemical energy to the standard pneumatic drive module with high operating efficiency. The drive module achieves a unique design with high pressure rise and extraordinary performance, which is rare in the same field in countries around the world.

4. The automatic rising bollard is stable and reliable

In case of emergency such as power failure, you can manually operate the parking lift column, turn on the emergency lowering button, lower the oil cylinder, open the safety channel, and release the car. The upper and lower ends of the fixed mechanism in the automatic rising bollard are respectively equipped with an electric flow monitoring controller and an electromagnetic induction controller, which realizes the short-circuit protection of the power device and the effective limit switch of the cylinder action, and the operation is stable and reliable.

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