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Algorithm for Tactile Paving Recognition

Definition of Tactile Strip Recognition Algorithm for Pedestrian Walkways

The road recognition system commonly used in vehicle navigation systems is actually based on edge detection and tracking of roads, with the only difference being the boundary detection algorithm and the modeling of boundary curves. The tactile strip recognition algorithm for pedestrian walkways is similar to this technology. The determination of the boundary line of the tactile strip can distinguish the sidewalk and the pedestrian walkway in the image through some algorithms in image processing.

Correspondingly, once the boundary line is detected, the area of the tactile strip and the sidewalk can be easily separated, and it can be known whether the construction of the tactile strip deviates from its direction of travel. The deviation angle can be accurately measured, the next turn can be predicted, and a warning can be given in a timely manner. The key point of this recognition algorithm is how to efficiently find the boundary line between the tactile strip and the sidewalk.

Types of Tactile Strip Recognition Algorithms

  • In the standard construction of tactile strips, darker colored tactile tiles are usually used, making the boundary of the tactile strip easier to recognize. The color difference of the colored area can be used to segment the image and determine the boundary line of the tactile strip.

  • The texture of the tactile tiles used in tactile strips is different from that of ordinary sidewalks. Based on texture, the tactile strip segmentation method can separate the tactile strip from the image by texture differences, thereby determining the boundary of the tactile strip.

  • The boundary of the tactile strip can be determined using Hough line detection.

The three common methods for recognizing and segmenting the boundary of the tactile strip are based on color region image segmentation, texture region image segmentation, and direct Hough line detection. Many tactile strips in urban areas exhibit significant color differences from sidewalks, and there are also many tactile strips with significant texture differences. The three methods have different applicability in different tactile strip recognition scenarios and play an irreplaceable role.

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