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When Laying Blind Road Bricks, the Baseline Points Should Be Carefully Reviewed

The main component in the blind road brick is silicon dioxide. The acid-resistant tile has very good acid resistance. The content of this substance is as high as 70%. After high temperature baking, a strong acid-resistant substance, mullite, is formed. The acid resistance is better. In addition, the tactile paving has better alkali resistance. What is the reason?

1. Reasons for the alkali resistance of the tactile paving

Let's look for the reason for its alkali resistance. The main raw materials of blind road bricks are quartz, feldspar, and clay. These substances are oxidized and decomposed at high temperature to form corrosion-resistant materials. Therefore, the alkali resistance of the tactile paving is also very good. Any concentration of alkali No sexual medium will cause damage to it, but there is one thing that it is more afraid of, that is, molten alkali with high temperature. Don't forget this when using the tactile paving.

2. Laying technical preparation of tactile paving

(1) The construction plan must be approved and submitted to the supervisor for approval before construction; the construction plan must be strictly implemented during the construction and must not be changed without authorization.

(2) Carry out detailed engineering technical disclosure. The technical disclosure is divided into three levels: the first level is the company's technical department to the project department; the second level is the technician's disclosure to the construction staff; the third level is the construction staff's disclosure to the team.

(3) Strengthen the construction measurement control and management, and carefully review the baseline and points handed over by the construction unit. According to the construction needs, the on-site measurement control network is reasonably arranged, and the closed measurement is carried out according to the specification requirements, and the measurement accuracy is strictly controlled.

(4) Strengthen the quality control of the blind way process. During the construction process of each process, the construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the design drawings and specifications. Before each process is concealed, it must be signed and approved by the quality inspection personnel of the project department and the supervision engineer before the next process can be constructed.

(5) Timely inspection and acceptance of completed processes. After the completion of each process, the on-site quality inspector must carry out appearance and actual measurement inspection. If the requirements are not met, corrective and preventive measures are proposed for correction.

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