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Assisting Urban Perimeter Management with Electric Lifting Columns to Play "Effectiveness"

Many pedestrian pathways and lanes for motor vehicles are separated by railings at the entrance of the campus, and cars that bring children into the park are parked on the lanes, forming long queues. Because they are separated by railings, parents have to walk out of the lanes with their children and walk around the railings to the entrance gate, while various vehicles passing by make it really dangerous. In fact, a small change can solve this problem. By using an electric automatic rising bollard instead of a railing, it can not only divert buses but also allow parents to directly enter the pedestrian pathway with their children quickly.

Automatic rising bollards are safe and reliable

Using railings to separate different areas is a very common practice. However, fences used for vehicles, such as in the middle of road fences, are obviously not suitable for crowded areas such as airports, train stations, schools, etc., as they cannot disperse crowd quickly. Therefore, the safety of separating pedestrians and vehicles must be considered. Different products are installed for pedestrian-vehicle separation according to different needs. automatic rising bollards have become the ideal way to quickly disperse pedestrians, especially in places with a concentrated flow of people such as airports, train stations, sports venues, and schools, where people are carrying luggage or are of different ages. It will not obstruct the passage but still ensure smooth and reliable traffic.

Advantages of automatic rising bollards compared to stone pillars

In addition to railings, many local governments also use marble stones as barriers to prevent vehicles from entering pedestrian areas. However, if there is an emergency situation, how can people move these stones and how can rescue vehicles get in? Moreover, if the stones are hit by large vehicles and roll out, the damage can be terrifying, which is also very dangerous. Using automatic rising bollards instead of stone pillars can solve these problems. The management details of urban economic passages need to be carefully considered.

In first-tier cities, there are many beautiful high-rise buildings decorated with glass curtain walls. There is a ground parking lot underneath the buildings, but there are no automatic rising bollards between the buildings and the ground parking lot. If a car crashes into the glass curtain wall, the economic loss will still be considerable. There are also shops and warehouses without automatic rising bollards in front of their doors, so thieves can easily drive in. Because those rolling doors and glass doors do not have strong impact resistance. This undoubtedly increases the possibility of intrusion and robbery. After seeing the unreasonable aspects of many city passage management, it is also very gratifying to see that the awareness level of some units has been improved, and they have installed automatic rising bollards with high security levels.

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