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Why Do Automatic Rising Bollards Improve Site Safety?

1. Automatic rising bollards are widely used  

With the increasing popularity of automatic rising bollards, many units will use automatic rising bollards to achieve traffic control. The automatic rising bollard is mainly used to control the passage of road vehicles. It can be used with barriers, parking systems, etc., or used alone. Its main purpose is to prevent non-sensing vehicles from forcibly entering in sensitive areas and is specially designed and developed.

2. Automatic rising bollards are easy to operate

Because the automatic rising bollards can not only be operated remotely, but also with cable TV and emergency control buttons, the operation is very simple, coupled with the very perfect technology and high-quality after-sales service, so that more and more customers are turning to automatic rising bollards. Automatic rising bollard inherits barriers and ordinary road cone flow management functions, and also uses a car stop; for this purpose, the automatic rising bollard is 4mm, 6mm, 8mm to 10mm, etc. with a wall thickness of 3mm. The functions of the automatic rising bollard are different and applicable. The places are also different, each has its place. If it is not used for a long time, ensure that it is hoisted several times a day. The oil can flow through the oiler and enter the lifting column, which acts as a lubricant and prolongs the service life of the rising bollard.

3. The role of automatic rising bollards

The automatic rising bollard is suitable for high-safety vehicles entering and exiting places. There are three uses for automatic rising bollards: construction, security and landscaping. All bollards can have architectural and landscape effects, only the difference in style, shape and material. When it comes to security applications, use different bollards to block different objects. In addition to replacing the traditional gate equipment, it can also improve the safety of the protection site, improve the overall grade and image, and its buried design will not destroy the overall style of the complex. It is suitable for high-end residential villas, pedestrian streets, government agencies, public security bureaus, prosecutors, bank toll stations, fire channels, park isolation roads, high-end communities, parking lots and other places that require flexible control of vehicle entry and exit. It can prevent vehicles from maliciously and forcefully crossing and ensure safe intersections and normal order.

The automatic rising bollard system adopts the main method of the current imported equipment: the small hydraulic motor is installed in the column embedded box, and the ground controller only needs to be connected with a 5x2.0㎡ wire. There is no distance requirement between the controllers, and the lifting columns work separately. Or can be combined with synchronous lifting, the lifting speed is relatively fast. The system structure is simple and clear, and the project construction and maintenance are simple.

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