Function and Action of Tactile Paving

The tactile paving is manufactured according to the relevant standards of Handicap International, and has an excellent design, with characteristics of a sensitive sense of touch, strong corrosion-resistance, wear-resistance and long service life. This kind of high-strength plastic rubber tactile paving, with a beautiful and smooth surface, is suitable for indoor or outdoor decoration. Its bumpy model can not only make the blind path safer but also beautify the environment.

The tactile paving is a convenient road facility for the walking safety of blind people. There are three main types of tactile paving. One is the strip-shaped directional guiding brick, which guides the blind to move forward safely. It is called processing tactile paving, or the directional guide brick for the blind road. The second is the prompting brick with a dot, which indicates that there is an obstacle in front of the blind, so the blind should turn around. It's called prompting tactile paving or orientation guiding brick of blind road; the third is the danger warning guide brick of blind road. The brick, with larger dots, is to alert the blind people not to surpass it.

Main Usage of tactile paving

The tactile paving is produced according to the dimensions of blind road specified by the national industry standard, which is mainly used for the paving of urban roads, railway stations, bus stations, subway platforms and sidewalks. It is a special facility for guiding the disabled to walk safely without obstacles.

Production Material of tactile paving

The high-quality natural rubber and synthetic rubber are used as the base materials for the tactile paving. The product has some filling materials and pigments without any heavy metals. It has no PVC or stone powder, which is a green environmental production. It has super anti-skid performance, comfortable feet feeling, excellent noise reduction performance, long service life, and rich color selection. It also meets the super requirements of fireproof. Besides, it is easy to clean, simple, and economical.

Usage Occasion: tactile paving is widely used in public places like leisure squares in railway stations, road engineering, schools, landscaping, supermarkets, hotel kitchens, 4S stores and so on.

Product Features of tactile paving

This series is rich in varieties and colors. It can be randomly matched with a combination of planar, specification, and shape. It is composed of the position representation of the circular pattern and the induction representation of a long pattern. They are convenient, beautiful, safe and simple.