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What Are the Advantages and the Applications of Removable Metal Bollards?

Over the years, with the development of the economy, there are more and more vehicles, and the method to prevent vehicle collision incidents has become quite important. Regardless of whether some drivers drove violently and maliciously retaliated against the society as in the above-mentioned cases, or the vehicles were out of control for other reasons, artificial protection has been meaningless at this time. Once the vehicle cannot be controlled quickly and effectively, it will cause huge personal injury and extremely harmful. Without effective protective measures for prevention and response, personal safety is always a hidden danger.

In the early days, to prohibit the passage of vehicles, it can be said that every method has been used: set up no-stop signs, stone pillars, or stone spheres, but the blocking effect of these methods was not so good. It is very inconvenient to pass especially in emergencies or special situations. Removable metal bollards belong to traffic safety equipment. It is a kind of obstacle facility that is set on the road and can be raised and lowered. It has an intelligent remote control system. The access control bollards can realize the control of roads and vehicles, and can provide anti-collision safety protection for using units featuring high safety and high anti-terrorism.

1. The advantages of removable metal bollards

(1) The removable metal bollard is made of stainless steel

The removable metal bollards are all made of stainless steel materials, which have a longer service life and is more durable.

(2) Electrophoresis anti-corrosion treatment of removable metal bollards

The buried equipment adopts anti-corrosion treatment to make it resistant to acid and alkali corrosion; electroplating can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel and prevent stainless steel from fading after a period of use.

(3) The removable design of the removable metal bollard

The removable metal bollard itself has no welding technology to avoid the situation that the product cannot be used after being mechanically deformed during transportation, handling and impact by external forces. The existing removable road piles can be disassembled and replaced at will under the above conditions to ensure its normal use.

(4) Unit module design of the removable metal bollards

The modular design of the product unit requires only the replacement of your own accessories; on-site installation and debugging are convenient, and it is not easy to change the factory state during transportation and installation. The lifting speed and time uniformity of product are better than other driving types of lifting columns, and at the same time, the composition of removable metal bollards can be flexibly configured.

(5) The removable metal bollard can be adjusted

The road piles are coaxial and concentric, adjustable and can be disassembled to avoid the situation that mechanical deformation of the welded product after a slight collision is difficult to repair; and avoid the situation that the subsidence of foundation or road surface, vehicle pressure, etc., cause the subsidence of road pile, which cannot be adjusted.

(6) The panel of removable metal bollard is also made of stainless steel material

The ground panel is made of stainless steel, which is stronger and enjoys higher crash resistance.

(7) The warning and brightening function of the removable metal bollard

Super bright LED warning lights and 3M diamond level reflective film can greatly improve the warning effect and realize the brightening effect.

2. Application scenarios of removable metal bollards

The installation of access control bollards can effectively prevent the intrusion of vehicles from outside units or illegal vehicles. Installed in the square during the day, the removable metal bollard can be raised to prevent vehicles from entering the square, and can be lowered at night to be used as a temporary parking lot. Removable metal bollards are installed in communities, banks, schools and other places, which can restrict the entry of related vehicles to the community, school and bank at ordinary times. It can be used as a fire escape when lowered during special events or firefighting; the removable metal bollards can also be raised to restrict the entry of others foreign vehicles.

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