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The Advantages of Using Rising Bollards in Kindergartens

The term Bollard originally described a short and vertical column, which was often used when large ships in the harbor berthed. Now its meaning has been expanded to describe various facilities and institutions that manage pedestrian traffic, protect critical infrastructure, set perimeters, and differentiate roads.

According to legend, street guardrails originated in the 17th century and were shaped like inverted cannons, used as border setting and city signs. Since then, they have appeared more and more in our daily lives, which can be seen everywhere, such as supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, shops and stadiums.

We can often see bollards of different shapes. They are used to indicate the direction of passage, or used to protect us from injury, or used to inform whether it is possible to park here. These beautiful bollards beautify the environment, distinguish the sidewalk from the roadway, and sometimes even serve as chairs for us to sit down and enjoy lunch.

For kindergartens, what are the main advantages of using automatic rising bollards?

1. The automatic rising bollard meets the relevant national requirements for the safe handling and guarantee of kindergartens

At present, relevant policies have been issued in various places to clarify that it is necessary for campuses and kindergartens to be equipped with rigid anti-collision equipment such as speed bumps, warning signs, barrier columns, and rising bollards. All kindergartens should adopt closed-up management. The automatic rising bollards ensure personal safety of students and teachers, prevent suspicious vehicles from entering the campus illegally and adversely affecting the safety and stability of the school.

2. The rising bollard guarantees the life and industrial safety of the kindergarten staff

After the fully automatic rising bollard is installed, first of all, the rising bollard can effectively implement the traffic restriction system for vehicles entering and leaving the kindergarten. When children enter the kindergarten, the rising bollard can be kept in a rising state, effectively avoiding vehicles from entering the kindergarten. When first aid occurs, the rising bollard can be lowered to ensure that the ambulance enters and exits the kindergarten freely. It can greatly improve the security and work efficiency of the kindergarten, and reduce the daily work pressure of security personnel.

3. The rising bollard meets China's anti-terrorism requirements for densely populated areas

As one of the densely populated places, kindergartens are often regarded as the target of terrorist attacks. Therefore, China stipulates that kindergartens must have certain functions of preventing terrorist attacks. The automatic rising bollard device is also one of the manifestations of the kindergarten's establishment and improvement of terrorist attack prevention equipment.

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