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What Are the Advantages of Fully Automatic Lifting Column?

Now automatic bollards are gradually recognized and accepted by people and are used in many places. So how good are automatic bollards, and why do people wholesale lifting columns? Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd will tell you the advantages of the automatic bollard.

1. Diversified automatic bollard modes

There are many modes of automatic security bollards. The more common modes can be classified into two types: normal mode and anti-terrorist mode. In the normal mode, the lifting column is preferentially in the "on" state, that is, it mainly maintains the descending state, keeps the passage unobstructed, and can quickly rise in case of emergency to intercept vehicles. In the anti-terrorism mode, the lifting column is preferentially in the "off" state, that is, it is mainly kept in the raised state, and cooperates with the license plate recognition, one up and one down, to strictly prevent the intrusion of riot and terrorist vehicles. You can freely choose the lifting column mode according to the actual situation.

2. The automatic bollard is easy to operate

The automatic bollard is very convenient and quick to operate. With remote control and networked lift control, it can act as a powerful hand for anti-terrorism and riot control, and remotely intercept dangerous vehicles. The lifting speed of the automatic bollard is 2 seconds, equipped with a special power unit, and the operation is stable and reliable.

3. The automatic bollard is safe and reliable

The safety of automatic security bollards is high. It adopts special cold drawing and stamping forming process, which is sturdy and durable.

4. Automatic bollards are economical

Although the price of automatic bollards is more expensive than some gates, the performance of the lifting columns is stronger, the structure is stable, and the materials are thick. Its power system is hydraulically driven, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, with low consumption, lower failure rate and long product life cycle. In this way, the maintenance cycle is very long, which can reduce the maintenance cost very well, and there will be certain discounts for the wholesale of lifting columns, which can be said to be very economical.

5. The automatic bollard is scientific and beautiful

The automatic security bollard has high requirements on the craftsmanship. It has strong performance, but also enhances the aesthetics and practicability, does not occupy too much space, and has high flexibility, which is more suitable for use in modern urban construction.

The above 5 points are some advantages of automatic bollards. Now everyone knows why people purchase lifting columns through wholesale of lifting columns. To put it simply, one is because the practicability of the lifting column is very high, and the other is because the wholesale of the lifting column is economical.

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