Tactile Paving Studs Are the Embodiment of Humanistic Care

The essence of humanistic care is to put people first, which means the concern, respect, and love of people. Narrow tactile paving is the best embodiment of humanistic care, making normal people comfortable and the blind use it conveniently and safely.

For the convenience of the blind, The main sidewalks in the city are paved with tactile paving made of striped and dotted tiles. This ordinary path winding between various beautiful patterns of tiles takes an almost sacred mission, which is to help the blind overcome their disabilities and gain more living space and social civilization achievements. Tactile paving studs, a setting that reflects respect and care for vulnerable people, have become a beautiful landscape in modern urban construction.

Performance characteristics of tactile paving studs:

1. Tactile paving studs are made of zinc, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, polymer composite plastics, and other materials.

2. They are installed in public places such as airports, railway stations, branches, and large shopping malls.

3. They can provide direct guidance for special groups of people and play the role of decoration and beauty.

Tactile paving studs are paved evenly with uniform intervals and colors. They can meet the needs of the blind with a more beautiful appearance than traditional tactile paving. They are widely used for pavement and marking of expressways, airports, airport runways, railway stations, subways, bus stops, parking lots, parks, squares, schools, hotels, office buildings, etc.