Don't Buy Tactile Tiles at Will

Rubber blind way tiles are floor tiles specially designed for blind people to prevent blind people from taking the wrong road and prevent them from falling when they fall. This kind of safety floor mat is durable and easy to clean. It is suitable for laying indoor and outdoor floors. It is suitable for various venues, such as amusement facilities venues, kindergarten venues, sports equipment areas in primary and secondary schools, national fitness path areas, park passages, and pedestrian bridges. , shooting range, gymnasium and other sports fields, this product is environmentally friendly and has a high shock absorption and anti-slip effect.

Using high-quality natural rubber and synthetic rubber as the base material with filler materials and pigments that do not contain any heavy metals, PVC-free, stone powder-free, it is a green and environmentally friendly product. Super anti-skid performance, bring comfort to the feet, excellent noise reduction performance, long service life, rich color options, meet super fireproof requirements, easy to clean, simple and economical.

1. Tactile paving is convenient and safe for blind people

Tactile paving tiles are generally paved with three types of bricks, one is a strip-shaped direction guide brick, which guides the blind to move forward with confidence, which is called a tactile paving tile, or a blind way guide brick; the other is a prompt brick with dots to remind the blind. There is an obstacle ahead, and it is time to turn, which is called a blind road guide brick, or a blind road orientation guide brick; the last type is a blind road hazard warning guide brick, with a larger dot, warning not to overtake, and danger ahead. Therefore, the purchase of blind bricks is very important, so what should be paid attention to when purchasing blind bricks?

2. Precautions for purchasing the tactile paving tiles

The hardness of the tactile paving tile is the most important parameter of the tactile paving tile, which will directly affect the service life of the tactile paving tile, which is especially important. When purchasing, you can use the method of percussion to listen to the sound. The crisp sound indicates that the internal quality is good, and it is not easy to be deformed and broken; the color difference and size can be judged according to the intuition, and check whether the color of a batch of blind bricks is roughly the same. It fits together well, the color difference is small, and the size is regular.

Another important parameter is the wear resistance, which is divided into five degrees from low to high. The fifth degree belongs to the super wear resistance, which is generally not used for home decoration. The home improvement brick can be selected between one degree and four degrees. The water absorption rate also determines the use of tactile paving tiles. Tactile paving tiles with high water absorption rate have low density and loose brick holes. They should not be used in places with frequent activities, so as not to clean up after absorbing water and fouling; Tactile paving tiles with low water absorption rate have high density. , has high moisture-proof and anti-fouling ability.