What Are the Precautions for Buying Tractable Bollards?

Lifting columns, also known as anti-collision road poles, are mainly used to control the traffic restrictions of passing vehicles, which can effectively ensure the traffic order and the safety of the places of use. Banks, government agencies, etc. Retractable bollards can be divided into fully automatic lifting columns, semi-automatic lifting columns, fixed lifting columns and mobile lifting columns according to their driving methods. Then, what problems should be paid attention to when purchasing lifting columns? Here are some things to keep in mind when buying automatic bollards.

1. Channel width for installing automatic bollards

The width of the passage determines the number of equipment to be purchased. Generally, it is recommended that the distance between the automatic bollards should not exceed 1.5m. According to the user's use place, the user can control the width of the distance between the lifting columns according to their actual needs.

2. Whether automatic bollards are managed in groups

According to whether you need to manage the entry and exit of the lane separately, or whether you need to manage the lifting column in groups according to the lane, the configuration of the entire control system of the lifting column you purchase is determined.

3. Safety level requirements for automatic bollards

Although automatic bollards have the function of blocking vehicles, the blocking effect of civil-grade, military-grade and anti-terrorist-grade lifting bollards on vehicles is still very different. Users can choose which grade to buy according to their needs.

The above are the issues that need to be paid attention to when purchasing a lifting column. Through the introduction of the lifting column manufacturer Xiong Chang, I hope to help you when choosing to buy a lifting column. Our Mascot retractable bollards retract fully below the ground, remain flush when closed to avoid obstruction and trip hazards, and only lock in the extended upright position. A single key locking mechanism ensures quick and easy access to restricted areas. The clean and versatile design is highly visible and offers alternative installations for a consistent aesthetic that suits any modern building or landscape. Premium grade 316 stainless steel with a satin finish No. 6 for high corrosion and weather resistance.