How Many Kinds of Materials Are Used for Tactile Indicator Bricks? Which Material is Good?

There are four kinds of Tactile Indicators, ceramics, cement, stainless steel and plastic. There are different uses of blind materials for each material. When choosing, we should pay attention to the use of ceramic blind roads for high-speed rail and railway platforms. Cement is used for sidewalks. However, now the municipal requirements for high standard Tactile Indicators are slowly changing into ceramic blind roads. Stainless steel and plastic are used for blind roads. What are their material differences? Now let's talk about it.

1. Cement Tactile Indicator has the advantages of low price. This Tactile Indicator is made of cement. There are many holes in the brick body, high water absorption, low compressive strength and short service life.

2. The SS Tactile Indicator is made of iron and steel and has a smooth surface.

3. Plastic Tactile Indicator is a plastic product. The brick body is thin, not resistant to rolling, easy to freeze crack and deformation, and short service life.

4. Ceramic Tactile Indicator is made of quartz, feldspar and clay as main raw materials and fired at high temperature. It has compact brick body, low water absorption, anti-skid, wear resistance, high compressive strength and long service life. Sensitive touch, beautiful appearance, high wear resistance, low temperature resistance, impact resistance, long service life.

Advantage 1. It has good durability, long service life and high cost performance.

Advantage 2. Long-lasting color, permanent brightness, lasting unchanged color;