SGCC + Carborundum Stair Nosing

Use area: basement garage entrance, bicycle ramp, old lane reconstruction, concrete base surface needs anti slip parts.

1. Application scope of non metal aggregate wear-resistant floor: used for durable, impact resistant and reduced dust and suitable for non-metal aggregate requirements of concrete floor, such as: warehouse, wharf, workshop, parking lot, repair workshop, garage, warehouse type shopping malls and other ground.

2. the warehouse, dock loading area, machinery factory, parking apron, garage, parking lot, oil storage, channel ground, industrial and mining chute, bridge deck, reservoir spillway, energy dissipation tank, loading and unloading slope, military enterprise, textile industry, refrigerated warehouse, automobile industry, electronic industry, telling public road and other suitable metal aggregate requirements concrete floor.

3. Performance characteristics of SGCC + Carborundum Stair Nosing: 1. It has very high wear resistance; 2. corrosion resistance; 3. Reducing dust; 4. shock resistance; 5. It is not afraid of fire, and metal aggregate can also prevent static electricity; 6. Construction is convenient.

SGCC + Carborundum Stair Nosingis concave-convex type. Galvanized steel sheet is used as paint on the bottom and diamond on the surface with the same color. The surface of steel sheet is carved with the depth of 0.15mm-0.2mm. This can increase the colloid structure, ensure high bonding strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Diamond is made of cement (grey) and black. Its high temperature strength is less than 80 degrees, low temperature is unaffected, and its opening is plum-blossom-shaped, which prevents material from deforming. The general diameter of the hole is 60 circles. Galvanized sheet with diamond blind path is cheap and easy to install.