Notes and Scope of the Paving of Floor Studs

The paving method of tactile floor studs is the same as that of sidewalk square bricks. In the construction, we should also pay attention to:
(1) When the sidewalk is paved to the building, guiding blocks shall be set continuously in the moving direction of the middle part, and stop blocks shall be paved in front of the curb of the intersection. The pavement width shall not be less than 0.60m.
(2)The tactile block at the crosswalk is laid 0.30 m away from the curb or a sidewalk brick apart for paving the stop block. The guiding block and the stop block are paved vertically,and the width of the paving shall not be less than 0.60m.
(3)The guiding block paved at bus stops shall be 0.30m away from the curb or a sidewalk brick apart. When stop blocks are set at the temporary station board, they should be paved vertically with the guiding block, and the width of paving shall not be less than 0.60m.
(4)At the green belt, the curb inside the sidewalk shall be at least 0.10m higher than the sidewalk. The fracture of the green belt is connected with the guiding block.

Tactile Floor Studs Should Be Set in the Following Ranges:
1. Major roads and secondary roads in the urban areas, sidewalks of the commercial streets and pedestrian streets in cities and districts and sidewalks around large public buildings;
2. Sidewalks in city squares, bridges, tunnels, and flyovers;
3. Passage of government office buildings and large public buildings;
4. The entrance area of urban public green space;
5. The entrance of pedestrian overpass, pedestrian underpass and accessible facilities in the urban public green space shall be provided with a promoting blind road;
6. The promoting blind way shall be set at the building entrance, service desk, stairs, barrier-free elevator, barrier-free toilet and cubicle, the platform of the bus station, railway station, rail transit station and so on.