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A Professional Braille Sign Manufacturer —— Xiong Chang

In the process of searching for new businesses, many sign-makers may have considered the architectural signs specially designed and produced for the blind and visually impaired, which conform to the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). After all, braille signs are needed by all private and public buildings for guidance. This might be an opportunity for well-equipped, enterprising, and professional sign manufacturers.

In 1824, Louis Blair (1809-1852), a blind man in France, created a braille system in which Latin letters were replaced by simple bumps. These unique characters overcome the shortcomings of many braille schemes in the past. The structure of the braille system is simple and clear, so it is easy to read and write. These characters have become super ideal for the blind. At this point, the braille used by blind people all over the world was officially born. This braille system uses 6 salient dots as a symbol unit. The area of every unit is suitable for the size of ordinary people's fingers. So it is very clear and convenient to touch, read, and write. But when the blind goes outside and walk on the street, it will be very difficult for them to move without the help of braille signs.

As a professional braille signs manufacturer, we integrate the brand into the whole sign planning and discuss the detailed sign design scheme with architects and designers. Braille sign makes the building more perfect and helps people travel more conveniently. Moreover, our braille sign is made by the automation system of the grating sphere device, which is installed on the engraving machine, and then micro-protruding metal dots are embedded regularly to form braille. It not only improves our work efficiency but also shortens the delivery time.

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