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What You Need to Know About Automated Bollards

Lifting column, also known as lifting ground column, lifting road pile, anti-collision road pile, hydraulic lifting column, isolation pile, etc. Automated bollards are widely used in many occasions such as urban traffic, the gates of the military and important state organs and their surroundings, pedestrian streets, highway toll stations, airports, schools, banks, large clubs, parking lots and so on. By restricting passing vehicles, the traffic order and the safety of major facilities and places are effectively guaranteed. After years of application and development, bollards have now expanded into various styles.

1. The main classification of automated bollards

(1) Pneumatic automatic lifting column: air is used as the driving medium to drive the rise and fall of the column through the external pneumatic power unit.

(2) Hydraulic automatic lifting column: hydraulic oil is used as the driving medium. There are two control methods, that is, through the external hydraulic power unit (the drive part is separated from the cylinder) or the built-in hydraulic unit power unit (the drive part is placed in the cylinder) to drive the cylinder to rise and fall.

(3) Electromechanical automatic lifting: the cylinder is driven to lift and lower by the built-in motor of the cylinder.

(4) Semi-automatic bollards: The ascending process is driven by the built-in power unit of the column, and the descending is completed by manpower.

(5) Lifting type lifting column: the lifting process needs to be completed by human lifting, and it depends on the weight of the column itself when falling.

(6) Movable lifting column: The column body and the base part are designed separately, and the column body can be put away when it does not need to play a role in control.

(7) Fixed column: The column is directly fixed to the road surface.

2. Detailed explanation of various car security bollards

Automatic lifting column: The take-off and landing of automated bollards can be completed automatically through legal authorization information. The automatic door lifting column is also the main equipment of various manufacturers of lifting column products. It is generally used in frequent take-off and landing, and there are certain security forces around. place.

Semi-automatic lifting column: The lifting column is locked or released by the manual key. When the device is in the rising state, the manual foot is stepped down after the key is released, and it is automatically locked when it is in place. After the key is released again, it will automatically rise, semi-automatic Bollards are mostly used in places where takeoff and landing are rarely required. Or places without location security forces around. The main reason is that the construction cost of the semi-automatic lifting column is low, and the second is that the semi-automatic lifting column has no control panel or control cabinet with high security against theft. For example, it can be used in pedestrian streets, squares and other places. In addition, it can be used with automatic lifting columns in some entrances and exits with large width.

Fixed road bollards: The parts on the road surface and the fully automatic/semi-automatic lifting bollards have the same appearance and the same materials, but cannot be moved. It is mainly used with automatic/semi-automatic lifting columns.

Mobile road bollards: need to be deeply buried, and the parts on the ground can be manually removed and removed. It is mainly suitable for some places with small traffic and guarded by staff. Due to the need to move, the main bodies of car security bollards generally thinner and lighter, which mainly has the effect of showing, and the anti-impact ability is weak.

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