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The Structure of Aluminum Stair Nosing and Its Characteristics in Practical Application

1. The structural performance of aluminum stair nosing suppliers

The aluminum stair nosing supplier is a branch of the step nosing, which is named after the whole aluminum alloy material it has adopted. The overall frame of the step nosing is made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy used is made of European and American oxidized aluminum alloy. It is well-known in the step nosing industry for its excellent quality and long service life.

Except for the frame, the fabrics of the step nosing are all made of green and environmentally friendly materials, which are ready to use without any pungent odor, and there is no need to place the step nosing to disperse the smell. Because the aluminum stair nosing supplier is made of aluminum alloy, the color of the product base is fixed to be silver or dark yellow, but the plastic strip on the base can be selected according to the customer's own wishes. This product adopts the combination of an aluminum alloy base and plastic strips, so the anti-slip effect is very obvious, and because the characteristics of aluminum alloy of the aluminum stair nosing supplier guarantee the service life of the step nosing, it can be used for a long time, and the damage rate is extremely low.

2. The cleaning performance of aluminum stair nosing suppliers

After the rain and snow weather, the step nosing will be contaminated with many sundries. For the ordinary step nosing, it is particularly troublesome to clean these sundries. It needs to be washed repeatedly. Because of the special material of the step nosing, it is very convenient to clean it: just simply rinse it with water and wipe it dry. If the aluminium stair nosing is damaged, there is no need to replace the overall step nosing, just remove the damaged plastic strip and replace it.

3. The shape classification of aluminum stair nosing suppliers

In daily life, everyone knows that stairs are used to go up and down. Most of the stairs are relatively slippery when they hit water. Therefore, it is necessary to install step nosing on the stairs.

There are three types of aluminium stair nosing. One type is those with wrap angle, that is, L-shaped. The narrow side is about 2 cm wide and can be protected to the side of the stairs. The other type is I-shaped and has no wrap angles. Both of these are fixed with screws. The installation position is generally directly against the side of the step, and the width of the step nosing ranges from 4 to 6 cm. The third type is anti-slip molding, which only requires two 2mm slits to be directly embedded in. It is suitable for pasting on all kinds of paints, plastics, rubber, metal, ceramics, stone, smooth cement, smooth wood, glass, and organic material surfaces.

4. The use value of step nosing for stairs is as follows:

(1) Save the man-hours and costs of trimming and edging when decorating stairs with ceramic tiles and stone.

(2) Play the role of trimming and closing the edges and protecting the edges of the steps.

(3) Play a role of ensuring safety and keeping anti-slip and effectively improving the grade of decoration.

The above is a summary of the relevant knowledge about the step nosing of the stairs. I believe everyone has learned it. In addition, when installing, you must strictly calculate the size and then cut the material. When cutting, make the notch at a 90 degree angle to the line, especially for the product that is installed with matching lapped corner joint, so that it can avoid the loose connection with lapped corner joint and affecting the appearance.

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