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What Are the Methods of Setting Braille Signs?

1. Improving braille signs to give blind people more care

There are now more and more humane measures in public places, and how to make braille signs is a typical representative of this. Blind people are a special group of people who for various reasons cannot see through their eyes like ordinary people, so they cannot get the relevant services in public places, and the experience is almost impossible to talk about. However, we can now clearly feel that society's care for special people is increasing, and in some places that are open to all the public, personalised care for blind people is a thing on the agenda.  It is a matter to plan and improve, even though many of them have not yet done so.

2. How to set braille signs?

First of all, we need to have a certain understanding of how to set up braille signs, such as outdoor braille signs, and we have compiled three items based on Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd's experience.

1. Braille signs should reflect the characteristics of the scene, which is actually very difficult, because the interaction between the blind and braille signs is usually touch, rather than through visual perception to complete the process. In this touching process how we want to reflect the characteristics of the scene, requires both braille signage companies and buyers to dig elements, because the colour elements are certainly not used, then only from other angles to dig elements.

2. Braille signs should be set on the line suitable for blind people walking. Blind people action path in many scenes is different from ordinary roads. Relatively speaking, the scope involved will also be smaller, so braille signs are not as much as possible, nor as little as possible, which needs to be reasonable and appropriate, and used where it is most needed is the most important.

3. Braille signs should have the right surface treatment. Just mentioned that braille signs and blind people are interacting through the sense of touch, so the surface treatment of this signage needs to be done, not burrs and other phenomena; otherwise it will scratch the skin of people.

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