Where are Tactile Indicators Required?

Tactile indicators are installed to assist people with impaired vision. They are installed in the public, commercial, retail and industrial fields to provide early warning for hazards such as ramps, stairs, escalators, travel platforms, public transport stations. Our tactile studs comply with Australian / New Zealand Standard 1428.1 20091428.4.1 2009 (TGSI) and NCC part D3.8. The tactile indicator studs are designed to be installed on smooth surface, such as concrete, ceramic tile, stone, terrazzo, etc.

0.5mm thick adhesive backing is used in most products on the market. And there is a cavity at the bottom of the ceramic tile to save the material cost. Many comparable products on the market are made of inferior PVC / TPU materials and imported materials without certification. The quality of the adhesive also changes with the quality of its materials. Our tiles are made of the best materials for the highest quality and performance reliability. The most advanced polyurethane in the market for pedestrian traffic has the following features: UV stabilized with fast color. Materials are of high wear resistance. Type of adhesive type: high quality butyl rubber adhesive pad (the highest quality available on the market) is to be used, which is of 1mm thick (to provide excellent adhesion on all surfaces).

Xiongchang is specialized in producing directional tactile indicators. For tactile ground surface indicators price, please contact us.