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Tactile Floor Indicators Have a Sensitive Tactile Sense, Strong Wear Resistance and Long Life

The blind track is produced according to the size specifications stipulated by the national industry standard, with excellent design, sensitive tactile sense, strong corrosion, wear resistance and long life. This high-strength plastic-rubber blind track has a beautiful and smooth surface, suitable for indoor or outdoor decoration. The convex and concave model of the direction indicator blind road not only makes the blind road safer, but also beautifies the environment. It is mainly used for paving on urban roads and railway stations, bus stations, subway platforms, intercity railways, and sidewalks. It is a special facility for disabled people to safely guide walking without obstacles.

1. Appearances of directional tactile indicators

The surface layer is good-looking, the surface particles are uniform, matt, soft, and the color is natural. The texture is good, and the pigments are imported pigments, which are hard to fade. The colors are rich and natural than the traditional use of colors, mainly used to guide the blind to walk. Tactile floor indicators have various specifications, rich colors, high strength, excellent water permeability and good wear resistance.

2. The laying effect of the directional tactile indicators

The lines are more beautiful, the arrangement is generous, the gaps are small, and there are few unevenness, looseness and fracture of single bricks.

3. The strength and superiority of directional tactile indicators

Blind pavement direction indication blind strip has high strength, good bending resistance, wear-resistant surface and long service life. The main raw materials are sand, stone powder, cement, rice stone and other environmentally friendly materials, which are non-slip and water-permeable, reduce water loss, and maintain heat dissipation and humidity. Respiratory function, help to improve the living environment.

4. The economic performance of directional tactile indicators

Compared with the traditional stone and fired bricks, the blind pavement directional tactile indicator is less expensive, and the later maintenance and repair costs are low.

Xiongchang is one of the leading suppliers of ground tactile indicators. We offer a wide variety of tactile indicators, designed and manufactured in various shapes from a variety of materials. Tactile indicators conform to different standards, including Japan's JIS standard. All products have not undergone any chemical treatment, which is conducive to environmental protection. With very competitive tactile ground indicator prices, we sincerely welcome all interested parties around the world for mutually beneficial cooperation!

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