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Precautions when Laying Tactile Attention Indicator

Due to its special molding process, the tactile attention indicator has concave convex surface, which provides barrier free walking space for the visually impaired. The tactile attention indicator adopts high-quality rubber and synthetic rubber as the base material, and the filling materials and pigments do not contain heavy metals, PVC and stone powder. Rubber tactile attention indicator is an environment-friendly product with strong anti-skid performance, long service life and rich color selection. It meets high fire protection requirements, easy to clean, simple and economical.

The advantage of tactile attention indicators lies in the fundamental difference of raw materials. The product is mainly made of quartz, feldspar and clay by firing at high temperature. Tactile attention indicator and block bricks are made of non-toxic and pollution-free materials. After pressing and thermosetting molding, they can be produced with different thickness, density and color according to needs. Therefore, the brick is compact, with low water absorption, anti-skid and damage resistance, outstanding compressive strength and longer service life than other raw materials.

Ⅰ. The first thing to do before paving tactile attention indicators:

(1) Cushion.

(2) Water stabilized sand cushion.

(3) Paving bricks.

(4) Sand and stone joint filling.

The subway station hall and platform are granite ground, and the blind track is porcelain tactile attention indicator. The construction process is the same as that of Boda line. In practice, the stones on the ground must be paved to one side of the blind road, then the tactile attention indicator, and then the stones on the other side. From the construction characteristics, it should be the same as Boda line, except that Boda line has the decorative effect of edge closing or color separation, and the tactile attention indicator is to meet the actual use function of the special channel for barrier free blind track.

Ⅱ. The laying position of tactile attention indicator should comply with the following provisions:

(1) There are fences, flower beds or green belts outside the sidewalk. The pedestrian blind path should be set 0.25 ~ 0.50m away from the fences, flower beds and green belts.

(2) A tree pool is set inside the sidewalk, and a walking blind path can be set 0.25 ~ 0.5m away from the tree pool.

(3) There is no tree pond on the sidewalk, and the distance between the blind road and the curb shall not be less than 0.50m.

(4) The width of blind track should be 0.30 ~ 0.60m, and the lower limit or upper limit can be selected according to the road width.

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