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What is the Role of the Tactile Paving?

The tactile paving, also known as the guide brick, is a kind of brick for municipal buildings, with the specification of 300x300x20/25mm. However, its appearance is obviously different from other square bricks. There is a strip-shaped convex with high points on the surface, which can indicate the direction for the blind, so it is also known as tactile paving or guide brick. The tactile paving is also known as blind track block or blind track board.

Ⅰ. Design purpose of the tactile paving

The tactile paving is specially designed for the blind. In order to prevent the blind from walking the wrong way and falling down, the all-ceramic blind brick is made according to the relevant standards of the Disabled Persons' Federation. It has excellent design, sensitive touch, strong corrosiveness, wear resistance, and long service life. The surface of the blind brick is beautiful and smooth, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration. The concave convex model can not only make the blind path safer but also beautify the environment. Blind bricks bring convenience to the blind and beautify urban roads.

A road with tactile paving is the location and entrance of the main municipal facilities and buildings in the city. It still needs to be laid separately, so we can see the specific location of facilities for the disabled. Ceramic tile adhesive can make the tactile paving closer to the road surface and help the disabled understand the surrounding environment, such as various sidewalk entrances, city square entrances, bus terminals, pedestrian overpasses and underground entrances, building entrances, subway entrances, platform edges, obstacles, etc. The regular environment and facilities can make the visually impaired walk easily with the help of crutches. For example, the tactile paving is set on the edge stone, flower platform, fence and other facilities outside the sidewalk, which is the best way for the visually impaired to walk.

Ⅱ. Functions of the tactile paving

(1) Environmental protection: reliable, no PVC.

(2) Wear resistance: excellent wear resistance and long service life.

(3) Superior anti-skid performance and high safety.

(4) Elasticity: the floor is permanently elastic and comfortable.

(5) Sound absorption: the tactile paving has the function of absorbing and reducing the sound of footsteps.

(6) Flame retardant: flame resistant, no damage to the floor surface.

(7) Cleaning: easy to clean and less maintenance.

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