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Widespread Application of Lifting Column: Achieving Pedestrian and Vehicle Separation

In the current society, transportation has developed very well, and the number of cars in cities is already high. City road management and parking management have become a problem, giving headaches to city management departments. In order to improve the level of intelligent traffic management and prohibit vehicles from parking on non-motor vehicle lanes on the road sides, traffic management departments have tried everything: some set up no-parking signs, some install stone road pillars, and some place stone spheres and flower boxes to block cars.

Types of lifting column

Lifting column have changed the traffic problem. They mainly include fully automatic hydraulic lifting columns, fully automatic pneumatic lifting columns, semi-automatic lifting columns, manually lifting columns, and fixed bollards.

The application scenarios of lifting columns are very extensive

  • Pedestrian streets: Retractable driveway bollards are usually installed at intersections of pedestrian streets. The barriers are raised to restrict vehicle entry and exit. In case of emergencies or special situations (such as fires, emergencies, leader inspections, etc.), the barriers can be quickly lowered to allow vehicles to pass.

  • Important unit entrances: Installing retractable barriers at the entrances of important units can control the rise and fall of the barriers through methods such as electric operation, remote control, or card swiping, effectively preventing the entry of external vehicles and unauthorized vehicles.

  • Road median: Retractable barriers can be used in non-fully enclosed road medians to prevent vehicles from making left turns or U-turns. In case of special circumstances such as road construction or road blockage, the barriers can be lowered to divert traffic.

  • Open parks: lifting columns are installed at the entrances of open parks. During normal times, the barriers are raised to prevent vehicle passage while allowing pedestrians to pass. In special situations, the retractable barriers can be lowered to allow vehicles to pass.

  • Expressways: For emergency road closures, automatic lifting columns can be used for quick and convenient closure, relieving the pressure of inadequate police personnel. They can also be used in residential areas, banks, schools, and other places where vehicle entry is restricted and to ensure the effective use of fire access roads.

  • Scenic squares: During the day, barriers are raised to prohibit vehicle entry into the squares, while at night, the square can be used as a temporary parking lot by lowering the barriers to allow vehicles to enter.

Therefore, the popular use of retractable driveway bollards eliminates the need for security guards or traffic police, greatly saving labor costs and truly achieving "separation of people and vehicles".

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