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Significance of Installing Automatic Rising Bollards at the Entrance of a Property

People often see some residential areas or units with retractable columns installed at the entrance. Do you know the importance of placing automatic rising and falling columns at the entrance of units? Let Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware briefly explain it, so that you can better understand.

Automated bollards are fast and smooth

The lifting time can reach 3 seconds, which is much larger than the same specification pneumatic lifting column. This is extremely valuable. Due to the use of driving devices, the movement is gentle and calm, which effectively solves the problem of noise generated by traditional pneumatic rising and falling columns due to the operation of air pumps.

Automated bollards are agile and controllable

The control unit adopts a multifunctional logic controller, which can adjust various different functional modes to meet the different functional requirements of different users. In addition, it is worth mentioning that its travel distance is designed with adjustable timing, and users can freely control the height of the column, effectively saving energy consumption.

Automated bollards have unique structural design

The automated bollard's core unit and mechanical power mechanism are integrally designed, which can efficiently transmit mechanical energy to the driving unit. The hydraulic unit realizes the unique design of the performance excellent pressure helicopter.

Safety and reliability of automated bollards

In case of power failure and other emergencies, the emergency descent button can be manually started to lower the cylinder to open the passage and release the vehicle. The upper and lower parts of the fixed mechanism are respectively equipped with current detection sensors and electromagnetic sensors, which realize the over-current protection of the power unit and the effective limit of the cylinder action, and the operation is stable and reliable.

Automated bollards are economically practical

As an integrated transmission method, it is environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, low in energy consumption, low in failure rate, long in service life, and low in maintenance costs. In addition, the automated bollard adopts a non-traditional guiding mechanism design, which is easier and faster to install and maintain.

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