Requirements for the Standardized Use of Tactile Paving

When it comes to the market of tactile paving, whether it's municipal tactile paving, high-speed rail tactile paving, or subway tactile paving, they have become indispensable products of national wide and have been widely used in municipal administration. According to the statistics of Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, there are 52000 blind people and low vision citizens in our city, accounting for 4.47% of the total number of disabled people in the city and the 0.76% of the city's population. When large or small bicycles, electric vehicles, and private cars occupy blind roads without any scruple, vendors crowd on the blind roads, and some urban facilities hinder the blind roads, have they considered whether the blind will pass by?

People with Disabilities Act of the People Republic of China has paid great attention to access facilities such as blind roads. It is pointed out in Article 53 that the construction and renovation of access facilities shall meet the actual needs of disabled persons; the construction, renovation, and the expansion of buildings, roads and traffic facilities shall meet the national standards for access facilities; access facilities shall be maintained and protected timely. Here, we should take measures as soon as possible to ensure that blind people can pass safely; at the same time, we hope that the general public can improve their awareness of civilization, start with themselves, truly care for blind people and consciously maintain the smoothness of blind roads.

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