Components of Stainless Steel Retractable Bollards

The stainless steel retractable bollard effectively guarantees the traffic order and the safety of main facilities and places by restricting the passing vehicles. Because it uses a hydraulic drive unit, it moves softly and calmly, which solves the problem of large noise caused by the traditional pneumatic rising bollard due to the air pump. Do you know what constitutes a stainless steel retractable bollard? The stainless steel rising bollard system is mainly composed of three parts: lifting body, hydraulic power pack and main control box:

1. The body of the stainless steel retractable bollard

Stainless steel retractable bollard is welded with 304 national standard stainless steel of 6mm, which has high load-bearing and anti-collision capabilities; the bollard body has no power supply design, which is waterproof and safe. The device is buried in the lane or at the designated location of the gate, and the passage of vehicles is restricted by the instructions of the personnel on duty.

2. Hydraulic power pack of the stainless steel retractable bollard

The hydraulic power pack is mainly composed of an oil tank, a hydraulic solenoid valve group, a high-power motor, an oil pump, an oil cylinder, an oil gauge, an oil indicator, an external liquid level gauge, a high-pressure braided steel wire hydraulic oil pipe, etc. The stainless steel retractable bollard is the power source of the complete set of rising bollard system. The device is installed on the side of the rising bollard and used in conjunction with it. The bollard can be manually lowered after the power failure.

3. Main control box system of the stainless steel retractable bollard

Electronic control system and automatic electronic control part: control main board, leakage switch, switching power supply, non-contact noise and long-life contactor, which can be linked and can automatically rise. There are three main applications for rising bollard: construction, security and landscaping. All bollards have architectural and landscaping functions, and only differ in style, shape and material. When it comes to safety applications, different bollards are used to block different objects.

The control unit adopts a multifunctional logic controller, which can modulate a variety of different functional modes to meet the different functional needs of different users. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the motion displacement adopts an adjustable timing design, and the user can freely control the lifting height of the stainless steel retractable bollard, effectively saving energy consumption.

The upper and lower parts of the internal fixing mechanism of the stainless steel retractable bollard are respectively equipped with current detection sensors and electromagnetic sensors, thereby realizing the over-current protection of the power unit and the effective limit of the movement of bollard body, and the operation is stable and reliable. Because it is a hydraulic transmission integrated mode, it is environmentally friendly and energy-saving with the low consumption, lower failure rate, longer service life, and low maintenance costs.