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Types and Functions of Semi Automatic Bollards

Fixed metal bollards are the most common bollards. They are generally painted rebar bollards with a height of about 36, and cement is poured inside. It is installed on the ground. Some bollards are cubes, but most of them are cylindrical, with angled or flat brim. The semi automatic bollards have a wide range of sizes, colors, textures, shapes and functions. They are either fixed, movable, or flexible, and can also be used as ornaments to decorate the original steel pipe bollards.

1. The composition of semi automatic bollards

The composition of semi automatic bollard: stainless steel shell, movement, telescopic wing arm, control system, infrared sensor, control equipment and other parts.

2. Main functions and characteristics of semi automatic bollards

(1) With fault self-checking and alarm prompt function, it is convenient for users to maintain and use.

(2) The running status of the device can be programmed through the built-in small button on the main control board.

(3) Sound and light alarm function: alarm of illegal entry and trailing is involved.

(4) The semi automatic bollards have an anti-shock function, and the swing arm is automatically locked when the gate opening signal is not received.

(5) Telescopic arm synchronization function.

(6) The semi automatic bollard has an automatic reset function. After the gate is opened, the system will automatically cancel the user's permission to pass this time when it is not passed within the specified time. The system defaults to automatically reset 10 seconds after opening.

(7) The access automatically opens after power off, and automatically closes after power on.

(8) It can be connected to a variety of card reading devices.

(9) The one-way or two-way control of entry and exit of personnel can be achieved.

(10) Remote control and management can be realized directly through the management computer.

The rise and fall of semi automatic bollards can be completed automatically through legal authorization information. Automatic door and semi automatic bollards are also the main equipment of various manufacturers of semi automatic bollard products. They are generally used in places where the rise and fall of bollards are frequent and there are certain security forces around.

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