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Anti-collision Rising Column Makes Our Travel Safer

With the increasing number of motor vehicles, traffic management departments have tried their best to prohibit vehicles from parking on non-motorized lanes on both sides of the road: some have set up no parking signs, some have installed stone pillars. However, these methods have not been effective in controlling vehicles and pedestrians, and achieving the separation of people and vehicles.

Automatic rising bollards for rapid pedestrian separation

Nowadays, it is common to use barriers or stone pillars to separate different areas. However, barriers are suitable for completely separating people and vehicles, such as barriers in the middle of the road. However, barriers are obviously not suitable in places with dense pedestrian flow, such as airports, train stations, and schools, because they cannot quickly disperse a large number of people. In addition to using barriers, many places also use round stone pillars to block vehicles from entering pedestrian areas. In case of emergencies, these stone pillars become obstacles and are heavy and inconvenient to move.

In many large shopping malls, there are underground parking lots, but there are no collision-resistant barriers between the buildings and the ground parking lots. There are also some shops, warehouse gates, and important government facilities. If there are no rising bollards installed, it would be easy for illegal robbers to drive in. This is because barriers and stone pillars have limited collision resistance. This undoubtedly increases the possibility of intrusion by robbers.

By choosing to use anti-collision automatic rising bollards, these problems can be solved. Anti-collision rising bollards can ideally solve the problem of rapid pedestrian separation, especially in places with concentrated pedestrian flow such as airports, train stations, sports stadiums, and schools. Whether dragging luggage or taking care of the elderly and children, rising bollards will not hinder their passage. They are convenient, smooth, safe, and reliable. At the same time, rising bollards have strong collision resistance and can withstand impacts of about 60 tons. Small in size yet powerful, they can easily keep dangers out.

Automatic rising bollards ensure our safety

The metal bollards in the anti-collision pneumatic bollards are used to prevent damage to pedestrians and buildings by vehicles. They can be used as a simple method to control access or as barriers to enclose specific areas. They can be individually fixed on the ground or arranged in a line to close the road and prevent vehicles from entering, thereby ensuring safety.

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