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How to Wire the Anti-Collision Lifting Column?

Anti-collision lifting column is becoming more and more common in our daily life, especially in recent years when the country has stricter requirements for safety measures. It has become an essential facility for many places such as residential areas, campuses, and parking lots. One of the most important tasks is wiring. How to connect it? Xiongchang has provided a detailed explanation.

Reserved line for power unit of the lifting column equipment

The motor of the lifting column power unit consists of a three-core cable with a blue line, a brown line, a flower line, and a solenoid valve with two black lines. A dual-core spiral lamp line with a warning light and a total of seven lines, five of which do not have a warning light. After the fixed steel bars in the embedded bucket are welded, the wiring can begin.

Wiring process of anti-collision lifting column

Place the hydraulic power unit of the power unit on the ground on the side of the embedded bucket foundation trench, and connect the seven-core cable led out from the embedded bucket to the motor line, battery valve line, and warning light line of the power unit respectively. Accurately remember the wire number or color of the seven-core cable and the corresponding wire number and color of the motor, battery valve, and warning light on the equipment to prevent errors in connecting the automatic safety bollard control box.

Wiring instructions for the lifting column equipment

Three motor wires are used to connect the lifting column power unit. The blue wire is connected to the motor upper, the brown wire is connected to the motor lower, and the marked wire is connected to the motor common. They are connected to the corresponding terminals of the control box and cannot be connected reversely. The two black wires of the solenoid valve are connected separately and are connected to the common corresponding terminals of the control box solenoid valve and the solenoid valve. One dual-core warning light wire is connected to the control cabinet warning light and the common terminal of the warning light, regardless of positive or negative.

Lifting column wiring standards

After the anti-collision bollard wire head is connected, it is required to be soldered with solder. First, wrap it with plastic tape, then wrap it with two layers of high-pressure waterproof tape, and then wrap it tightly with plastic tape. Finally, wrap it with electric asphalt tape. A total of four layers are wrapped. After the wire is connected, tidy up the wire end and fix it under the power unit to prevent external forces from pulling the connection apart. After finishing, connect the two wires that turn on the warning light on the power unit, and use a tester to measure the other end of the cable. Three motor wires are connected, and two solenoid valve wires are connected. The two lamp wires are connected, but cannot be connected to the motor, battery valve, and other wires. After confirmation, put the power unit into the embedded bucket, aiming at the fixed bolts under the embedded bucket, and turn the hydraulic power unit button clockwise with a wooden stick, etc. Standardize the chassis to the bottom of the hydraulic power unit to prevent the lifting column from falling onto the wire. Connect each pole to the corresponding terminal row in the control box.

The above is the detailed introduction about how to wired the access guard column. Wiring is a very important project. Good or bad wiring will affect its performance and service life. First, reserve the line for the power unit of the roadblock equipment, and then connect it according to the wiring process, wiring instructions, and wiring standards. I hope this article can help everyone.

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