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Anti-collision Lifting Columns Become the First Line of Defense for Campus Safety

With the increase of motor vehicles, it not only brings pressure to traffic, but also makes it difficult to manage the campus entrance. The safety management of the campus should start from the gate and perimeter of the campus. Effective management of the entry and control of foreign vehicles is the focus of campus safety management. According to the current general situation of entrances and exits of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, combined with national standards and mature technology and experience in this field, install anti-riot lifting columns and other related technical defense equipment at the entrances and exits of schools and kindergartens to effectively control vehicles and pedestrians, to achieve "separation of people and vehicles".

The anti-riot lift access control bollard is a kind of high-security equipment that provides passage safety and prevents vicious collision attacks. It has strong impact and impact resistance. They can be embedded under the road surface without affecting normal traffic. They can be used to intercept illegal vehicles at critical moments, and can replace traditional road barriers, fixed or temporary roadblocks. Environmental protection and energy saving, low consumption, low failure rate and long service life. The advantages of anti-riot lifting columns are as follows:

(1) The safety voltage of the lifting column escorts the school. At the school gate, there is a lot of traffic. Students and parents will touch the road stakes or sit on them, and choose a safe voltage to avoid potential safety hazards caused by 220V strong voltage.

(2) The lifting column has strong impact ability. The lifting column is a product used to intercept the forcible collision of vehicles, and the lifting column product has strong impact ability.

(3) The lifting column has strong high and low temperature resistance, and there is no need to add a heating device. As a product for outdoor use, the temperature adaptability of the lifting column is also very important. In some areas, the minimum temperature is more than minus 50 degrees or even lower. If the road pile equipment such as oil cylinders and cylinders is used in an environment where the temperature is too low, it will freeze, which will affect the normal use of the product.

(4) The anti-collision design of the lifting column has obtained a product patent, which has passed the inspection of the Ministry of Public Security and third-party inspection. With the real lever anti-collision principle, it can protect the illegal forced intrusion.

(5) The double dustproof and waterproof design of the lifting column can be applied to various harsh environments. As an electronic and mechanical product for outdoor use, the lifting access guard bollard is very important for its waterproof and dustproof performance. If the dustproof and waterproof performance cannot reach the corresponding level, the lifting column motor or hydraulic drive system will lose its function, resulting in the lifting column not working properly.

In flooded cities and areas with low underground water level, it is suitable to install the whole machine sealed anti-riot lifting column, no need to install additional drainage system, and the stability of the equipment system is stronger.

Xiongchang Hardware stainless steel bollards provide perimeter protection while also adding contemporary style and elegance to the area. Stainless steel bollards offer significant advantages, they offer increased resistance to corrosion and contamination. They are environmentally friendly as they are made from 90% recycled waste while still requiring low maintenance and upkeep. A variety of sizes and mounting options are available. You are welcome to consult our products online!

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