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What is Tactile Paving Used For?

Tactile paving adopts unique technology formula, which replaces material of the tactile paving such as stone, cement, metal and plastic from appearance and practicality. Its color is pure and eye-catching, beautiful and generous. It has the characteristics of high wear resistance, low temperature resistance, impact resistance and long service life.

Features of the tactile paving

Environmental protection: it is of safety and environmental protection without PVC
Wear resistance: excellent wear resistance and long service life
Antiskid: superior antiskid performance and high safety
Elasticity: the floor is of permanent elasticity and comfortable foot feel
Sound absorption: it has the function of absorbing and reducing the sound of footstep
Flame retardant: resistant to burns, no damage to the floor surface
Cleaning: it is easy to clean with low maintenance

Application of tactile paving

This kind of tactile paving surfaces durable and easy to clean. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor floors on various sites such as amusement park, kindergarten, sports equipment area of primary and secondary schools, national fitness path area, park passage, passenger foot-bridge, shooting range, gymnasium, senior office buildings, families, hospitals, schools, museums, libraries, kindergartens, nursing homes, fitness and entertainment venues, stadiums, senior shopping malls, hotels, airports, stations, wharves and other public facilities as well as factories, workshops, carriages, machine rooms, power distribution rooms and sports venues. This product is environmentally friendly and it is of high shock absorption and anti sliding effect.

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