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Exploring the Technological Features of Automatic Rising Bollards?

The automatic rising bollard is a high-security vehicle blocking facility

The automatic rising bollard is suitable for places with high frequency and high security vehicles entering and exiting. It can not only replace traditional barrier equipment but also improve the security of the protected area, thereby enhancing the overall grade and image. The buried design used will not cause damage to the overall style of the building complex. Inside the column, there is a small hydraulic motor, which only needs to be connected to the ground controller through a wire. There is no distance requirement between the lifting column and the controller. They both work independently. The lifting speed is fast, the system structure is simple and clear, and the construction and maintenance are very simple.

The lifting column is more advanced than traditional fixed pillars and is an advanced safety protection device. Sidewalks in urban traffic are weak points in safety protection, and a large number of accidents and casualties occur here. Therefore, it is necessary to install lifting columns with better anti-collision performance here to create a safer pedestrian passage and effectively guarantee pedestrian safety. Now, lifting columns have been widely used in enterprises, government agencies, schools, factories, and other occasions, and can achieve extensive linkage with access control systems, barrier systems, and other systems, making great efforts to improve the construction of safe transportation.

Technical features of automatic rising bollards

  • Safety and reliability: In case of emergency situations such as power failure, the column can be manually lowered to open the passage and release vehicles, with stable and reliable operation.

  • Fast and calm: Automatic rising bollards can have a lifting time of up to 3 seconds, which is much larger than the same specifications of pneumatic lifting barriers, which is extremely valuable. Since it uses hydraulic drive units, the action is soft and calm, effectively solving the problem of high noise in traditional pneumatic lifting barriers due to the operation of the air pump.

  • Agile control: The control unit adopts a multifunctional logic controller, which can modulate various different functional modes to meet different user needs in terms of functions. In addition, it is worth mentioning that its travel distance is designed to be adjustable and timed, allowing users to freely control the lifting height of the column, effectively saving energy consumption.

  • Economical and practical: Environmental protection, energy-saving, lower consumption, lower failure rate, and longer service life, reducing maintenance costs. In addition, the non-traditional mechanical design makes installation and maintenance more simple and fast.

  • Good structure: The core part of the hydraulic unit and the mechanical power mechanism design can effectively transfer mechanical energy to the hydraulic drive unit for action.

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