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Metal Tactile Paving: Don't Let the Blind Road Become a Blind Spot in the City

In order to allow the blind to travel smoothly, Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the design, development and production of blind products for many years, insisting on using large-scale raw materials, using special equipment and technology, relying on products with high wear resistance, fine design, not easy to deform and fall off, and high cost performance. Advantages have won many loyal customers, Xiongchang metal tactile paving products have the following five advantages:

1. Unique non-slip treatment process for metal tactile paving

Xiongchang Hardware has advanced anti-skid treatment system technology. The stainless steel adopts surface drawing treatment, and at the same time, through stamping, engraving and milling and other anti-skid treatment processes, it has stronger safety performance than ordinary blind channel products.

2. Metal tactile paving has strong tactility

The surface of Xiongchang metal tactile paving is natural and delicate, and it can be clearly felt when stepping on it. It can give blind friends a greater sense of tactile authenticity, and it is convenient to clearly, quickly and clearly perceive danger and direction of travel.

3. Metal tactile paving has high corrosion resistance

Xiongchang Hardware adopts pickling passivation and other treatment processes, which makes the wear resistance of Xiongchang metal tactile paving dozens of times higher than that of ordinary blind products.

4. The construction of metal tactile paving is convenient and the maintenance cost is low

In terms of construction specifications, the construction efficiency of metal tactile paving is higher, and there is no need to dig grooves for blind roads. It can be laid directly on the surface of the integral material. The construction is simple and fast, and it is not easy to weather, deform, fall off and crack during use, reducing the cost of frequent replacement.

5. The color of metal tactile paving will not fade and peel off for a long time

In order to meet the color demand of metal tactile paving, Xiongchang Hardware has applied various colors of plating or spraying treatment to the original stainless steel surface, which forms a large contrast with the ground color. The colored blind products processed by this special process can ensure the color Permanently does not fade and does not peel off, meeting the needs of the visually impaired and the visually disabled with light perception.

Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has rapidly grown into China's leading large-scale blind track hardware base with its indestructible industry technical barriers, and has successfully provided one-stop complete solutions for many blind track projects.

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