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Do You Know About the Properties of Rising and Falling Anti-Collision Columns?

As a traffic safety protection device in protective settings, rising/falling anti-collision posts have a relatively high price due to their complex internal structure. The working principle of anti-collision posts needs to be analyzed according to different types. In the fully automatic category, there are two types: electric anti-collision posts and hydraulic anti-collision posts. The rising and falling of the post are mainly driven by the integration of hydraulic cylinder and power motor, which could control the pull rod to move the post when they are combined with electric power. The design advantage of this automatic bollards is that it could achieve rising and falling through simple control methods, which could reduce a lot of costs of the product.

The significance of the automatic bollards is to protect the equipment inside

The automatic bollards could warn people and ensure personal safety. The safety around us is protected by such devices, which could ensure equipment and personal safety in both ways. Anti-collision means using bright colors so that people could easily notice it to prevent themselves from hitting it. Also, it reminds people that there is equipment that cannot be touched or an area that cannot be passed through.

The nature of the automatic bollards

Rising/falling anti-collision posts are widely used in many fields, but do you know the properties of these posts? Let's take a look.

  • The noise of rising and falling of the post is extremely low because it adopts a high-life and super stable hydraulic unit to control it.

  • Hydraulic integrated rising/falling post is easy to install. Just layout the position, excavate, embed, and place the cable.

  • The rising/falling post is made of thickened stainless steel and pasted with high-strength reflective film.

  • It could customize the control module, which could set up remote control to lift only one post or one roadblock or lift multiple roadblocks.

The automatic bollards are used for high-security channel control roads. It has strong impact and collision resistance and could lift and fall steadily by using high-speed hydraulic units through unified control of the control box.

Stainless steel guard posts provide perimeter protection and also add modern style and elegance to the area. Stainless steel guard posts have significant advantages, that is, they have high corrosion resistance, anti-corrosion, and anti-pollution properties. They are environmentally friendly because they are made of 90% recycled waste materials while requiring little maintenance. Xiongchang has a variety of specifications and fixed options to choose from. Welcome to consult online!

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