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Five Types to Choose for Lifting Columns

Nowadays, the popularity rate of lifting columns is very high and can be seen in different public places. Why is the popularity rate of lifting columns so high? Because it can better protect everyone and play an irreplaceable role in everyone's safety. Different types of lifting columns are used in different occasions. So, how to choose the right lifting column? Let's find out together.

Semi-automatic bollards

Semi-automatic bollards are usually suitable for high security but low frequency use of the waterway control system. Considering economic factors, it is often used in conjunction with the same shaped fully automatic series bollard, which has strong safety protection and avoids complex strong and weak electric construction. When the size of the protective pillar increases with the increase of safety requirements, the unique air pressure auxiliary device included in the semi-automatic bollard can withstand a lot of load.

Fully automatic bollards

Lifting column manufacturers believe that fully automatic bollards can be divided into mechanical and electrical fully automatic bollards, pneumatic fully automatic bollards, hydraulic fully automatic bollards, and fully automatic bollards. Since the late 20th century, automatic lifting columns have gradually developed into a universal vehicle access control product. Compared with traditional railing gate equipment, this invention not only retains the warning function, but also provides practical interception and blocking functions, avoiding collisions and stick collisions, and eliminating the distance restrictions at the ends of gradually widening channels in the application environment. Compared with traditional sliding door openers, it has higher opening and closing speed. Compared with traditional flip roadblocks, it meets the increasing requirements of municipal and public security places for overall beauty and coordination through collision tests while ensuring the same safety.

Fixed driveway bollards

Fixed driveway bollards are divided into landscape-type bollards and functional-type bollards according to their applications. Currently, fixed bollards match the requirements of traditional street facilities and municipal public buildings. They can provide protection for pedestrians, buildings, glass curtain walls, and specific facilities, and match some landscape in closed areas, and match different environmental colors. In addition to warning and deterrence of vehicles, fixed series bollards are also based on unique material and structural design. It is used to match various types of fully automatic or semi-automatic lifting columns. Part of it is tested by professional structures and textiles and can be used in high-security riot locations.

Flipping driveway bollards

This type of bollard is designed to solve parking space management and other terminal problems. The flip column is easy to install and use, can be quickly flipped and lifted, and ensures safe passage of vehicles. In addition, at night, the reflective strip of the flipping column can play a safety warning role, reduce accidents, and is an economical and convenient channel solution to solve parking space management and other terminal problems.

Manual driveway bollards

The manual driveway bollard product includes a mobile bollard, a pull-type bollard, and a semi-automatic bollard. The manual bollard has a good appearance design, cost control, and durable structural design.

  • The mobile bollard is usually used for the entrance and exit of convenience stores or supermarkets and provides flexible choices. For most of the time, they can be controlled or reinforced. To restore road traffic, they can also be removed in any necessary situation. Its application not only increases the flexibility of control, but also simplifies the installation work, provides users with a beautiful product appearance and more convenient operation.

  • The pull-type bollard provides an economic and convenient access control solution for private garages and residences, which helps to avoid theft and theft of vehicles and other property without causing any impact on the environment or occupying any storage space.

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