Why is It Necessary to Choose Access Control Bollards?

Access control bollards are slowly being known by everyone, but there are always many doubts about the emergence of new things. At present, the entrance and exit control of the parking lot system is mainly based on the road gate, and the intelligent control of the parking lot system is realized with the license plate recognition and cloud platform. However, with the continuous updating of smart city technology and the improvement of safety requirements, barrier products have been challenged, and there are frequent news of hard breaking entrances and exits, and crashing barriers.

At the same time, due to the continuous improvement of anti-terrorism awareness, everyone pays more and more attention to the safety of equipment. Car security bollards can be seen everywhere in various places, especially in government agencies, hospitals, schools and other important units with large traffic flow. entrance and exit. Under the requirements and encouragement of government policies, the popularization of access control bollards is imperative. The more advantages of the access bollard will also make people admire him even more after getting to know him.

1. Access control bollards are fast and quiet

The fastest lifting time can reach 3 seconds, which is far greater than that of the same standard pneumatic roadblock machine, which is extremely commendable. Because it uses a hydraulic drive unit, it moves softly and quietly, which perfectly solves the problem that the traditional pneumatic access control bollard is noisy due to the operation of the air pump.

2. The access control bollard is sensitive to control

The control unit adopts a multi-function logic controller, which can modulate a variety of different function modes to meet the different needs of different users in terms of functions. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the movement stroke of the car security bollards is an adjustable timing design, and the user can freely control the lifting height of the cover plate, which effectively saves energy consumption.

3. The structure of the access control bollard is common

The central part of the unit is designed together with the mechanical power organization, which can effectively transmit the mechanical energy to the hydraulic drive unit, and the action is efficient. The hydraulic unit realizes the common design of pressure helical and has excellent performance, which is rare in the same field at home and abroad.

4. The access control bollard is safe and reliable

In the event of an emergency such as a power outage, the access control bollards can be manually opened and lowered, and the cover of the roadblock can be lowered to open the passage, release vehicles, and operate stably and reliably.

5. Access control bollards are economical

Because it is a hydraulic series, it is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, low consumption, lower failure rate, longer service life, and reduced maintenance costs.

In the future smart city planning, the access control bollards will play an important role in the parking lot and the entrance and exit system. It is perfectly hidden, neat and beautiful, and unlike the gate controller, it will not occupy the ground space. It has a stronger ability to control vehicles than the road gate, and the anti-collision level can reach 80 tons, which truly protects the safety of pedestrians. Let's work together to meet the safer living environment that the access control bollards bring us!